Thursday, July 13, 2006

An Illusive Reality preview

An Illusive Reality was one of two short, painted comic stories I worked on while in my first and second years at the School of Visual Arts, in 1990/91. (The second, The Vicious Cycle, was a vampire story and will appear on this blog later this year). All the art for both books was done on 15"X 20" Bainbridge Illustration board in mixed media...pen and ink, oils, pastels, pencil, photographs...

Back in school I color xeroxed the entire thing (11 pages, plus cover and interior front/back covers for each) and made a little book, complete with a spine and bound in string. Looking back on An Illusive Reality with 2006 eyes, I saw things I wanted to change or fix, so I've gone into the pages, in Photoshop, and done some 'remastering'...some pages have gotten entirely new panels, others have had texture added, or certain parts repainted and cleaned up. I've also rewritten some parts.

Here's the cover for An Illusive Reality. The full story will be up soon.

Sunday, July 09, 2006