Saturday, April 25, 2009


Here are 4 thru 6 (of 9.)

Top to bottom, we have:

The Jaw Of Justiz

Before It Occured


Monster Sketch Card Series - Now on Ebay!

I was in Jim Hanley's this afternoon and saw for sale of pack of 12 blank sketch cards and sleeves from BlueLineArt. I bought the pack, figuring it might be fun to do a few and throw them up on Ebay and see what happens. Granted, it isn't the sexy bosomy babe, Marvel super-hero or LOTR/SW depiction that's more the norm on the sketch cards up for sale, but we'll see! I'm doing a series of nine; these are the first three. Who knows, I might just do a Marvel hero or other well-known character later on. These were done with brush marker (and a few tweaks with Microns) and copic markers for tones. I spent about a half hour on each one. I gave them titles...and they are, top to bottom (clicking on the links will take you to each card's Ebay auction):

The Redeemer

Tip Of His Tongue

From The Other Side

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tree Frog

Going through some old folders of art and copies, I came across this color copy of a gouache painting I did back in September 1993. I haven't been able to track down the original yet. At the time I was working at my second full-time apparel job, doing kids activewear at Dadco Fashions, in the Empire State Building. I mainly worked on a line called Kids For Animals, so I got to draw lots of animals and dinosaurs and naturally had reference books lying around. (pre-internet folks!). At the end of one day, I picked up some gouache paints that were around, but had never been used, and started painting from a photo of a tree frog in one of the books. I didn't do any pencil under-drawing on this one.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Surfer Shark

n to do some fun generic prints. I've also had the opportunity to do some licensed work. Doing research on Power Rangers to determine which Ranger and Megazord was from which of the dozen + Power Ranger shows in the PR - Super Legends, 15th Anniversary highly uninformative style guide, was not that bad a way to spend an afternoon).

Still, though, the most fun is always getting the chance to do my own original graphics, for screens.

I worked on a couple of versions of the shark - they were pretty similar, but inked differently to the final version - which I wasn't entirely happy with and decided not to use. I reworked the pencils, and then 'inked' the shark in Illustrator. The wave background was a pencil drawing that I inked by hand.