Thursday, April 17, 2008


Something a bit different this time out...more stuff for Walmart, but for girls...these were fun to work on. The figures are for screens and I then incorporated them into repeats. One of these days I'm going to put up a more work related blog with samples of my repeats and stuff and I'll put those up there.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Another one of the prints done for men's boxer briefs that didn't get past the sample stage. There is the possibility, though, of some of this stuff making it to market, if all goes well. It's had a new lease on life, as my company is going to try and sell it again to Wal-mart. I doubt they'll be prescient enough to pick it up, but hey, one can hope. I've redesigned this to work as a single image for the blog as there were other robots that went on the back, but they didnt' work for this layout. Johnny Galaxy is my made-up space hero.

Monday, April 07, 2008


Something from the archives...hopefully I'll get something NEW up later this week...I've finally got some time freed up in my schedule, so I can sit back down at the 'ol drawing board and work something up...all kinds of bits of sketches and whatnot lying around, though...anyway, this was something done last year for men's underwear...the Japanese characters roughly translate to Super Strong and naturally were placed over the crotch area on boxer briefs....I was asked to do something with a Yu-Gi-Oh feel...kinda the same sorta face/hair with a beefed up body. I finished the legs on another paper somewhere, but only in pencil for myself....they weren't going to be on the briefs anyway. It was fun to do and the underwear came out really cool..unfortunately they weren't picked up by any of the major chains. A cryin' shame....I'll wear my pair with pride...