Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ho-Ho-Ho! Merry Christmas!

Well, the day after Thanksgiving is traditionally (?) when people start putting out the Christmas lights and tree...there were some homes in my neighborhood that had them up on Thanksgiving. So what better time than to post some Christmas art that's currently in the stores. I drew and vectored the Santa here for the 2011 Recollections Designer Corner Christmas line, which went on sale in Michael's stores a few weeks ago. (The art was created over a year ago, but I'm just now able to post it.)

It was used as a graphic on the dimensional stamp set pictured below. Most of the artwork used for our Christmas line was supplied to us from a style guide, but we needed to embellish it with other art, hence the Santa. Besides the Santa,  I also supplied a poinsettia, ornaments, wooden soldiers and a few other elements.  I later combined the Santa here in Photoshop with some of the art from the style guide.  For next years line (which we're currently working on) we're creating the style guide ourselves (with some supplementary supplied art).

Below are pics of the actual finished ski (including a photo of the display in Michael's). On the finished set shown here, besides the Santa, I just illustrated the ornament above the standing Santa. Craig Parrillo illustrated the candle and the other ornament below it. The rest of the art was supplied by Michael's and we used it to create the layouts and designs.