Sunday, August 29, 2010

Behold ... Charles Munro

Last week I came across the shocking and upsetting news that my friend Charles Munro had passed away.  I first met Charles when we worked together at Kleiner't's, in 1999.  He was also a graphic artist,  doing kids clothing like myself.  After he left and worked elsewhere, we saw each other a few times, and then lost contact for a number of years before reconnecting on Facebook, last November.  We spoke on the phone once and then kept up through e-mail. Charles was getting involved in electronic keyboard music, creating really cool, atmospheric pieces on his computer.  In his last e-mail to me, on July 9th, he mentioned how he was entering an online music contest. 

That was also his last post on his Facebook page.  Not hearing from him for a bit, I went over to his page to discover the terrible news that he had passed away in his sleep and that a wake had been held for him on July 12th. I was numb and saddened.  Charles was a sweet guy, a talented artist and an emerging electronic musician.  

Charles used to have a saying at work -  ' Behold' didn't really mean anything...or did it?  It was just a cool emphatic message...sort of an Asgardian, mythical word.  One day, while our boss was out sick, I pencilled a quick nonsense comic based around the word.  In memory of Charles, today I sat down and inked it.   R.I.P. Charles.

Charles' music can be found at:

Friday, August 13, 2010

I Float, Therefore I Am.

Looking through some old files, I found these two guys, and a few more, in semi-completed form. I colored them and added the backgrounds, using some drawings I had done for Hot Wheels.