Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rhino sketch

Drew this from a set of old photos I took at the London zoo, on a 1996 trip.

Creature sketches

Just some random creatureness.

Flame boy placemat sketch Collab

Did this one with my fellow artist friend Rob Kramer...I drew the Forbush Man (mascot of Marvel's 'Not Brand Echh' parody comic from the late 60's) like character, with a pot on his head. Rob turned him into a Hell spawn Popcorn maker, adding the wings, flaming hand, tail, hooves, goatee and popcorn!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Skeksel Colored

It was about time I inked and colored one of the monsters I've been drawing the last few months. Here's the first.

Vengenace Of The Aztecs #2 gouache painting

Something from the archives, this time from 1994. Here we have the back cover to the comic, Vengeance Of The Aztecs #2 (of 5), the sequel to the original Plasma Baby mini-series, by Mitch Waxman, published by Caliber Press. Mitch provided rough layouts for the covers, usually on tracing paper, from which I developed oil paintings for the first series and gouache (as shown here) for the second. Original art is 10 1/4" X 15".