Thursday, April 06, 2006

Vengenace Of The Aztecs #2 gouache painting

Something from the archives, this time from 1994. Here we have the back cover to the comic, Vengeance Of The Aztecs #2 (of 5), the sequel to the original Plasma Baby mini-series, by Mitch Waxman, published by Caliber Press. Mitch provided rough layouts for the covers, usually on tracing paper, from which I developed oil paintings for the first series and gouache (as shown here) for the second. Original art is 10 1/4" X 15".


Jesse said...

I meant to comment on this piece the other night but was too tired and shit. This is an awesome drawing, Justin...very colorful and mysterious. Almost like an Atlantis Revisited piece. I love the weird eyes on the fish. And gouache, huh? Wow, that stuff isn't easy. Keep up the great work, buddy.

Justin Leigh Leiter said...

Jess - Thanks so much, bud...Yeh, gouache...actually this was only the second gouache piece I had ever done..the first was just a small painting of a frog that I did at work one day when I had a little free time. Not sure why there were gouache paints lyin' around there, but then again this is all in the pre-computer days! (for me at least).