Sunday, April 09, 2006

Break out the sketches

Just a random batch of recent sketches and roughs.


Jesse said...

Justinooooo!!! Dude, this is the biggest DUMP I've seen on these blogs yet! Holy moly, great stuff going on here, bud.
1. Mr. Romance? lol Awesome, love his whole look, right down to his Chiclet teeth. Great inking, btw.
2. Like the little Xmas-tree-Gumby-looking fella saying 'Hey.'
3. Dig the ass-in-the-air buggy with monster.
4. The remote control guys are just goofy, dude.
5. Mr. No Nose is typical Leiter monster fare.
6. The Play Hard kid is awesome!!! I love him!!! I love his stance and attitude. Right away I wanted to print him out and ink him. Ink him up dude, that drawing freakin' rocks!
7. Tuff Guy looks, well, tuff. :) Great facial expression and details...I feel his eyes staring right through me. Your characters' faces are looking almost as expressive as your monsters'. Bracelets make him look gay, though, get rid of 'em. Or replace them with sweatbands.
8. Not too crazy about the one cyclops dude, but the cyclops buds are hilarious!!! I couldn't stop laughing at the miniscule genitalia!!! LMAO...that's what I look like when I get out of the pool!!! Or bed in the morning...hehe.
9. And finally, that space guy is pretty cool too. I love that you still do your inking by hand and scan it in. Freakin' Streamline...who needs that shit anyways, right?
All in all, dude, you've got a great imagination and I'm really getting a kick out of visiting your blog on a daily basis and seeing what new monster or character or whatever you've concocted. Keep up the great, great work, dude, and let's definitely get together before your big wedding day so we can jam. Sorry to hog up so much of your comments box space but I felt inspired by the dump you just took. :) Later!

Justin Leigh Leiter said...

Jesssiitttoo! Well, if thats' the biggest sketch dump I've taken yet, your post is certainly the longest post, yet!! Write away, my friend...I'm diggin' it! So, in return, I shall comment back!
1) Glad you liked the inking...I tried something a little different..tried to get a bit looser feel with the inks on this one...I need to get myself another brush pen....those are pretty cool for some nice thick/thin lines.
2) That guys a Lipzoid...there's a couple of panel strips with them here...people have referred to them as looking like tubes of toothpaste sometimes..
3) Thanks.
4) I liked the looseness of these sketches...not something I'm always able to get in my drawings, which tend to be a bit stiff, sometimes, I feel.
5)Yep, just another big eyed alien monster dude...though I'd guess this guy would fall more into the 'alien' category.
6) Thanks, bro! And ya know what? Your basketball kids were the inspiration for that drawing! I took a look at your stuff the other day as I needed to draw some 'attitude' kids and just loved the movement and exaggeration you put into those dudes, so I tried to channel a bit of that! I will definitely be inking this guy up!
7) This one I did from a photo of a kid....yeh, I guess the bracelets aren't the 'toughest' thing I coulda drawn...sweatbands woulda worked better.
8) So you suffer from shrinkage, too, huh?... ;) But gettin' outta bed in the morning is another story all know there's this new band out there...'Morningwood'...says it all!
9) Yeh, I still love to ink by hand...probably my favorite thing to do...I also like the look when you still see the pencils underneath, hence my reluctance to get rid of the underlying pencil marks in Photoshop. Yeh, Streamline, or as I use now, the tracing tool in Illustrator, pretty much destroys your original linework. For these jpeg posts you can see my original inks, but when I've gotta take art to a finish and have a final ouput as an Illustrator file, I must break down and go the auto trace route, with a bit of fixing up afterwards!

Thanks for all your comments - It means alot! Keeps me goin'! I've got lots more coming along in the pipeline, so keep comin' back! :)

Jesse said...

I'm fatter-er, flattered, buddy. :)
Will keep checkin' back.

FrogDaddy said...

a plethora of work! so that's what you been up to!
the play hard boy has great 'tude- love to see him
finished...he looks like a brand logo for a kid's clothing co. which I mean in the most flattering way- berry noish! like the flat faced alien..he kind of reminds me of the lead singer from that 80's all girl band, Exposé...
he takes me to the point of no return- oh oh ohhhh!
i could single em all out, but jesse did a fine job with it in the prior post so I'll just sit here and be jealous...
excellent work man! you've earned a van halen-esque two and a half month break!

Justin Leigh Leiter said...


Thanks,, I remember Expose..yeh, you're talkin' bout the little one with the curly hair ain't ya?...oooh..that's harsh, bro.

The Play Hard guy is more than likely gonna go to finish. Glad ya dig him! I don't have to post a single image for weeks on end....not! I've got shtuff stored up here, so I'll be breaking out the goods over the next few days and weeks!