Sunday, June 26, 2011


Finally got around to filming this one more properly, with a tripod mounted camera, directly over the drawing. Total real time was around 20 min.


This was actually the first video I shot, and, unfortunately, my hand obscures most of the actual drawing process. Total real time was around 15min.


I've finally gotten around to filming myself drawing 'live' and posting to YouTube, joining the ranks of the many others that have done the same. Many of those are done in Photoshop or some other computer drawing program, but mine are done traditionally, using paper, pencil, ink and a white-out pen. This first video was done before I had access to a tripod, hence the angled view of the art. The next one was filmed with the camera mounted on a tripod directly overhead for a better viewing experience. I've sped up the actual process by 400% in IMovie..the actual drawing time for this one was about 15 min.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


One of the projects I worked on last year at EK Success was for their stamp division, Inkadinkado. Myself and my co-worker, Craig Parrillo were given just a couple of weeks to produce around 45 stamp designs, some of them pretty intricate florals and flower illustrations. We did pencils and finished vectors on many of them, but luckily, another illustrator, Kaitie Kunsman, at the time working in a separate department, was brought in to help us out with finishing the vectors. She was able to complete a large number of designs in a very short time,  allowing us to finish the project on time. All the Spring designs we did are now in Michael's, AC Moore and other crafts stores and can be seen here on the Inkadinkado website:

Inkadinkado Stamp Designs-new releases-Spring 2011

Beginning from the bottom of page 3, through page 5, all the designs in green, are the ones we worked on.

Shown here are some of my pencils and finished vectors (aside from the filigree in the bottom left, which was vectored by Craig) for a few of them.

Friday, June 03, 2011


This is the last of the designs, currently in Michael's stores,  that I worked on,  from the 13 that they chose out of the initial 48 created.  There are three more sku's in the stores, though, from this line, which were designed by Dan Fenelon. Those are seashells, track and field and poker.  For this one, I did the pencils and Dan did the vectors. Some of the elements on this include gold foil, gold thread (around the brim of the hat), thread for the tassles on the vest, and actual rope. You'll notice on the pencils and the vectors, that the rope was drawn. At that point, we didn't know how these would end up when completed by the factory. Kind of funny, considering more time was probably spent drawing that icon, than any of the rest of them.