Friday, June 03, 2011


This is the last of the designs, currently in Michael's stores,  that I worked on,  from the 13 that they chose out of the initial 48 created.  There are three more sku's in the stores, though, from this line, which were designed by Dan Fenelon. Those are seashells, track and field and poker.  For this one, I did the pencils and Dan did the vectors. Some of the elements on this include gold foil, gold thread (around the brim of the hat), thread for the tassles on the vest, and actual rope. You'll notice on the pencils and the vectors, that the rope was drawn. At that point, we didn't know how these would end up when completed by the factory. Kind of funny, considering more time was probably spent drawing that icon, than any of the rest of them.

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