Monday, February 27, 2006

Recent Sketches

Just a few things taken from a current sketchbook.

Kamen Rider helmet designs

These are a couple of designs for a helmet for Kamen Rider own Kamen Rider credit goes to Greg Follender. Kamen Rider is a Japanese live action super-hero show first broadcast in Japan in 1971. There have been many Kamen Riders over the years. The show was brought to the US in the mid 1990's by Saban (of Power Rangers infamy) and called Masked Rider (Kamen means 'masked' in Japanese). The US episodes used footage from the Japanese series Kamen Rider Black and Kamen Rider Black RX, both of which originally aired in Japan in the mid 1980's.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Floatin' Justin Collab

My friend Carlos and I have done a bunch of collaborations the last couple of years, since first working together at AME (American Marketing Enterprises), an apparel company in Manhattan. Carlos sketched this up this morning at work and sent it over - his ver. of me floating, based on my floating guys drawings..(and since the last one I did sorta looked like him - unintentional!) I inked this at home at night ... I thought his original sketch was great and had a lot of fun finishing it. Anyone who knows me will get the references!

Sunday, February 19, 2006


I was over the future in-laws today and brought the sketchbook along...besides the requisite monster, I did this guy - another rotund, small statured, floating bald guy.

Washington Square Park

These are three panels from a two page comic strip I did about Washington Square Park, in NYC's Greenwich Village. Just a short little slice 'o life of these days I'll go back in and clean up some panels and post the full thing. For now, three of the better panels.

Napkin Sketches

some more random sketches..these are from life..drawn at Bon Buffet (Chinese buffet place) in Hackensack, NJ.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Floating Guy napkin sketch

I tend to do little doodles on napkins and whatever bits of paper I can find, when I'm waiting in a car or at a restaurant...this little floating guy was done during the former a few weeks back. I'd just finished reading Dave Cooper's Pip and Norton and still had the image of Pip, floating about, from the comic in my head, so i did my own little floating guy. Be sure to check out Dave's amazing work at his site

Friday, February 10, 2006

Mike Tyson

This was done for the cover of a comic on Mike Tyson, published by the highly cheesy Personality Comics in the early 90's. They produced a number of bios and pin-up books on rock bands and celebrities. I also did pin-ups for an issue on Madonna and one on Star Trek related characters (I did Harry Mudd). I also lettered, of all things, an issue of Rock-N-Roll Comics on Kiss, which was inked by my friend Mitch Waxman, creator of Calber Press' Plasma Baby (for which I provided painted covers and inked most of an issue).

The original cover for the Mike Tyson painting contained the title belt behind Mike, but I was unhappy with it in hindsight and removed it, replacing it with the Photoshop textured background shown here. The painting, done in oils is on 15"X20" illustration board.

The Lipzoids in 'Sculpture Class'

Another installment of The Lipzoids!! This strip ran in the Kingsman, Brookln College's newspaper in 1987/88. My commentary on the high level of art education I received at school.

The Devil's Child and Sign Of The Beast

The color piece was done in 1990 as a school project...the face is a painted over photo of my friend Marcos, who wound up being my model/subject for alot of the paintings and work I did back then. I've added a little bit of Photoshop touchup..the border and the texturing on the devil pentagram. The script writing is 'authentic' Satanic verses that I found...somewhere. I think this was to illustrate an article on kids getting involved in Satanism. The sketch is recent and with no real meaning...both of these are for Jesse.

Jenny Gunn - inked

Here's another in the line of my 'have your friends do your dirty work' series of art...this is the inked ver. of my pencils found somewhere below...the inks were done by my good friend Rob Kramer and I think he did an awesome sure to check out his art on his website, '' found on the right hand side of this page.

Hula Girl

Here's a couple of rough sketches of a Hula wearing girl, originally done for a boxer was gonna say 'Nice Coconuts'...very witty, I know...well, we decided instead to go with a more traditional 'wiggling hips' style figurine for the icon in the repeat. I might continue working on this for myself, though.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Robot Designs

Late this past December, I received an e-mail asking if I'd help design a robot to eventuallly be turned into a rod-puppet that would be used as a character in short films on a new website. The website is still in development and will also include reviews of movies, dvds, toys and other stuff as well as info on puppet related media. Here are some of the designs I worked on. The color ver., based on the final, approved design sketch, was done by Brad Hofbauer. Though his ver. is all gold, the final puppet will likely have black gloves and boots and accents on his face.