Sunday, July 12, 2009

Robot ND-23

This was another fun project I got to work on recently. Target asked for some comic styled prints (for toddler boys swim trunks) and I was given free rein to do as I liked. Here's one of the designs, which they wrote back they loved! They only asked for the skulls to be less scary, but for this post, I left them as they were. The final design is also a two-way repeat, wheras here, it's just a one-way. I based the design off of a print I did for the Faded Glory line of girls intimates for Wal-mart last year. I used a few of the same elements, but more the style and layout, changing it to a sci-fi boys look. Hopefully you'll see this in Target stores next Summer.


Got word that Target bought this and another comic styled print!