Thursday, December 15, 2005


This began as a 5 min. rough sketch at work, with the intention of finishing it up later at home. This drawing might change as I'm thinking of redrawing the arms and making them a bit more similar to each other!

Frogger Finished

FInished up the last sketch from Monday. Time to pick up some new pencils..the ones I was using are down to nubs.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Eternal Collector

I've been featured on the Eternal Collector website, with pics of my toy and comic collection, as well as an interview with me discussing below to find out more...and definitely check out some of the other awesome collections and stuff up on the site.


I've also got my original comic art collection up on the ComicArtFans site...below is the link to my gallery...there's also TONS of amazing art in other people's can spend hours just browsing and looking around...lots of seriously classic pieces on there.


Monday, December 12, 2005


Just a sketch on this one...


Did get a second drawing in..actually four..the blister on the middle finger of my drawing hand is not thanking me...

Big Eye

Took the day off from work...nice to be able to sit and sketch for myself, during daytime hours on a "workday"'s today's result...first one, at least...I'll try and get another done.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Here's an MP3 of a song whose title is also the day I wrote it, shortly after I'd heard that my brother-in-laws dad had passed away. There are lyrics for this, though this demo ver., recorded in 2000, is just an instrumental. The song was rehearsed by the band I was in, Stages (later named Sun), in the early 1990's, and performed live, once, at Spirits Pub, Queens, NY, in September 1992.



Finally now we have come to see
that all we believed as true
Just becomes a memory
but we will make it through

How many times have we seen
so much pain and suffering
As the drifting years go by
time will dry the tears we cry

For now there will be much sorrow
memories to dwell upon
But please look to tomorrow
and the promise of the rising sun

Rising Sun

Yet all my words of kindness
will do nothing to assert
That all I really wanna do
is take away your hurt

Take away your hurt

Night Forever After

This is from a live piano session recorded in December of 1988.

Improvisation No.1 (Night Forever After).mp3

The Dark Forest

Here's a demo of a tune that I wrote with an old high school friend and later bandmate, Vinny Lombardi, which we originally began in 1985. A few years later I worked in the second section and we were going to use it for the Moonglade of Dark Forest comic. This demo was recorded in 2000 by myself.

The Dark Forest Suite.mp3


An oldie...

It's Friday...

Some sketches from August and September 2004.
Thankfully the weekend is here...I'll be putting up a few things over the coming days, incld. links to some music I've written as well as some photos and NEW art!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


This was done as an entry in a contest to design the cover of The School of Visual Arts 13th annual yearbook, in 1992. Needless to say, I didn't win.

The Call

The Lipzoids

There are more of these which I have yet to scan in..make of them what you will!

Kingsman Comics

Some of this stuff (like the Paradox Of Sleep) was published in the Brooklyn College school newspaper, The Kingsman, back in the late 1980's. I worked with some truly wacked out and great artists and people like Jason Dubin and Mike Delavechia, both of whom were arts editors for the paper. Mike and I were co-arts ediotrs for a time.

The Paradox Of Sleep

Something I should be contemplating at this very moment...

Sketchbook Selections

Delving into the past..on the way to the future....


This is another picture, I believe done for the same class, that is a sort of cousin to the first piece. The first drawing below, btw, is of Moonglade of Dark Forest, a character I had created to be used for a comic that never really got off the ground. It was to incorporate a music score along with the printed comic, possibly as a it could come as some sort of Mp3, or the comic could have a website associated with it where you could download the tunes....hmmm. Anyways, this drawing is in the same world as Moonglade - no name for this creature, though.

Monday, December 05, 2005

The Beginning

Hey people of the world...welcome to my blogspot. A minute fraction of the web, reserved for yours truly. Hope you enjoy your stay here and discover something to make you smile. I'll be posting some art, some music, some pics, and some links. Enjoy!

To start off's an old, old pic...going back to the early 90's and begun as a class project at SVA (School Of Visual Arts in NYC)...the assignment was from the class 'Draw Anything, Especially Out of Your Head' taught by Jerry Moriarity (who I just checked and is still teaching this class). The drawing began in my sketchbook and then to this finished, inked (rapidograph) finish.