Monday, June 08, 2009


Here's my pretty-much-close-to-final version of Darth Vader for Josh Frost's book '100 Ways To The Dark Side'. I might do some final tweaks before I call it done.

Well, a month has gone by and I've done more than just some final tweaks. I wound up redoing certain parts, most noticeably his jawline and grill. I still see things I'd want to work on, but I need to call this one finished. While working on it, I also did a version based on a sketch posted earlier. At the bottom of this post is my original pencil sketch for the final design, that included more of Vader's body, before I decided to just concentrate on the helmet. Has it improved with all these changes? Looking at them side by side now, I see things in the first attempt that I like but also things I see have improved. A special shout out to my buddy, Bill, who spent much time helping out with feedback and ideas about the piece. Carlos and Rob deserve some props, as well, for their feedback along the way. Well, at any rate, that's enough Darth Vader for awhile!