Saturday, December 10, 2005


Here's an MP3 of a song whose title is also the day I wrote it, shortly after I'd heard that my brother-in-laws dad had passed away. There are lyrics for this, though this demo ver., recorded in 2000, is just an instrumental. The song was rehearsed by the band I was in, Stages (later named Sun), in the early 1990's, and performed live, once, at Spirits Pub, Queens, NY, in September 1992.



Finally now we have come to see
that all we believed as true
Just becomes a memory
but we will make it through

How many times have we seen
so much pain and suffering
As the drifting years go by
time will dry the tears we cry

For now there will be much sorrow
memories to dwell upon
But please look to tomorrow
and the promise of the rising sun

Rising Sun

Yet all my words of kindness
will do nothing to assert
That all I really wanna do
is take away your hurt

Take away your hurt

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