Sunday, July 12, 2009

Robot ND-23

This was another fun project I got to work on recently. Target asked for some comic styled prints (for toddler boys swim trunks) and I was given free rein to do as I liked. Here's one of the designs, which they wrote back they loved! They only asked for the skulls to be less scary, but for this post, I left them as they were. The final design is also a two-way repeat, wheras here, it's just a one-way. I based the design off of a print I did for the Faded Glory line of girls intimates for Wal-mart last year. I used a few of the same elements, but more the style and layout, changing it to a sci-fi boys look. Hopefully you'll see this in Target stores next Summer.


Got word that Target bought this and another comic styled print!


jason quinones said...

dude! that looks awesome!! great style print and character art!!nice to hear that they give free reign to do what you will and actually love the outcome!

the few times i get that opportunity at work to do something like that it starts out with the designers loving it until wal-mart's closed minded fucktard buyers get a look at and rip it apart and dumb it down to the point of uninspired stupidity.

jason quinones said...

ans what the hell is their issue with skulls???

even on our hallowen stuff they ask to dumb down the skulls!!

The Keeper's Notes said...

I feel a rant comin'! Thanks, Jason! Yeh, I usually get the tone it down approach on stuff I do - I tend to naturally furrow the brow, make the teeth bigger, scarier..! Hey, I'm just glad they let me keep the skulls in! My art director where I'm working is pretty easy going - for everything it's pretty much 'go for it!' - for some stuff, she'll go back in and change some colors around, for other color-ways. I remember with Wal-mart last year, for girls stuff, they decided they didn't want any wording that might be mis-construed at all, especially if it was on the, ahem, posterior of the panty.

FrogDaddy said...

can I consign you to make a print for my undies too Justin? Man you've got this comic style look down cold! great print!

The Keeper's Notes said...

Glenn,thanks, man! Hey, sure, I'll do a design for you - as long as I don't have to handle your undies!!!

MAY-DAY said...

really cute comic inspired swim shorts!
really trendy good job

Charles said...

Nice print, Justin!! i love this comicbook-style treatment and seems you "hit this one out of the ballpark!" Way to keep your blog fresh!!