Sunday, February 19, 2006

Napkin Sketches

some more random sketches..these are from life..drawn at Bon Buffet (Chinese buffet place) in Hackensack, NJ.


FrogDaddy said...

nice justin...have you ever mistakenly wiped your mouth with one of these napkin drawings?
i bet it would be quite a groovy smudge tool effect-
not to mention the handsome new sharpie mustache you'll be sportin'!

Justin Leigh Leiter said...

Thankfully, not yet! I've already got the goatee..I'll leave the mustaches to Charles!


Jesse said...

I'm totally digging your napkin sketches, dude! These are the textures and details.

Justin Leigh Leiter said...

Thanks, Jess! Maybe they shoud sell drawing pads of napkin textured paper!!