Friday, February 10, 2006

Mike Tyson

This was done for the cover of a comic on Mike Tyson, published by the highly cheesy Personality Comics in the early 90's. They produced a number of bios and pin-up books on rock bands and celebrities. I also did pin-ups for an issue on Madonna and one on Star Trek related characters (I did Harry Mudd). I also lettered, of all things, an issue of Rock-N-Roll Comics on Kiss, which was inked by my friend Mitch Waxman, creator of Calber Press' Plasma Baby (for which I provided painted covers and inked most of an issue).

The original cover for the Mike Tyson painting contained the title belt behind Mike, but I was unhappy with it in hindsight and removed it, replacing it with the Photoshop textured background shown here. The painting, done in oils is on 15"X20" illustration board.


Charles said...

Justin, that Tyson kicks a$$!!!! Sweet stuff you've
been posting!!!! Must...!!!!


Lou said...

Justiiiiiiiiinnoooooo. damn man...this is getting more and more impressve!! Seeing your stuff. As well as everyone elses. this is amazing.

Justin Leigh Leiter said...

Thanks, guys! Great to see you guys postin' new stuff as well..we're all inspririn' each other!!

FrogDaddy said...

holy shit! that was so real i just checked to see
if my earlobes were still attached!
member when Tyson used to look and be
that badass? awesome job!

Process Junkie said...

That is one sick cover! ridiculous! I wonder why you didn't do more of these (or maybe you have and I haven't seen them) you are an amazing painter!

Justin Leigh Leiter said...

I actually used to paint quite a bit...back in my SVA and a bit post-SVA days..I do have more...I've got a couple of short 'graphic novelletes' (novellas?) that I've been slightly reworking (cleaning up and doing a bit of Photoshop repainting) that I'll be posting here (or linking to a seperate blog for them)...soon....Thanks for all the kind words!! :)