Sunday, May 22, 2011


Pencils by me, vectors by Craig Parrillo. Featuring actual cloth for the towel, epoxy on the timer and goggles and gold foil for the medal and whistle.  What's interesting, is that when we were first designing these, we really weren't too familiar with the type of product and weren't 100% sure what it would even look like when produced by the factory. We left it up to them to decide where the layering would take place and how the dimensionality would work. We did decide what would be epoxy and foiled, etc, but still there was a good degree of guesswork involved in how it would ultimately look. So, with that in mind, everything that was an element was vectored as if it would be recreated in print. However, as you can see, the towel, which was penciled and then vectored wound up just being a piece of actual cloth! That happened on at least one other sku, that I'll post soon. It was a cowboy one where I drew a very detailed rope, which was then carefully vectored, only to be replaced by the factory with an actual piece of rope!

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