Friday, May 13, 2011


I'm finally able to post some of the work I did last year at EK Success Brands, the scrapbooking and crafts company I've been working at for the last nine months. The first batch of dimensional stickers I designed, under the Recollections line, (sold exclusively at Michael's crafts stores) has just hit the shelves.

This was my first foray into work done for scrapbooking. I designed around 35 sets of stickers, for categories ranging from sports to school, travel and kids. Working along with me, was a terrific artist and muralist, Dan Fenelon, who designed another 10 or so. All told, there were 48 finished 'sku's' that we created, fully vectored and colored, from which only 13 were chosen to be produced.  For my sku's, I did all the pencils, and some of the vectors, with Dan handling vectoring duties on a good portion. When it came to crunch time to get the program completed, another great artist who was working with us, Craig Parrillo, helped out on some of the vectors. I'll break it down as to who did what in the ensuing posts.

This is one of the first ones I did. For the vectors, I did everything, aside from the books and pencil cup, which Dan did.  You can see from the photos that the actual stickers have depth, and are produced with different materials - foil, faux suede paper, gems, etc, to mimic real world textures and items. Pretty neat.
It was a bit difficult to photograph the packages because of the glare of the plastic bag, so you miss some of the details. For instance, the 'Back 2 School' logo at the bottom is printed in a sort of holographic mylar that shimmers when moved around.  The lines on the color page pointing to objects are from the notes to the factory telling them what sort of techniques to use for those items. I couldn't locate the original vectors for this one (I only had a jpeg) to take them off.

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