Thursday, January 19, 2006


Here's a bunch more sketches and stuff from the past weeks that haven't made their way to the blog yet, for one reason or another....more to follow.


Jesse said...

Justin, you warped mothahfukkah! These are cool, as always...try drawing something other than monsters. Geez!!!

FrogDaddy said...

justin- why don't you draw jesse in that skull
helmet? that would look pretty fresh....jesse's
would have that Kull the Konqueror look down!
yo J-dawg, i never knew you did shit like this
in our prior life together, it's real cool out-of-your head shite, man- i feel it...
your style reminds me of this artist from my
old monster manual....(man I just dropped a
D&D reference online) prank call! prank call!
P.S. I just linked keepersnotes to my blog....
pay it forward!

Justin Leigh Leiter said...

Glenn - good suggestion, but I don't wanna scare anyone too bad! ;) Thanks for the kind words, man...and thanks for the D&D ref...any of those guys that did those manuals (I remember Bill Sinkiewicz doing one) were awesome! - Hey, the stuff on your site was also a first look 'whoah - didn't realize he did stuff like that..really dig those pencil sketches..nice linework....and - the favor returned!