Monday, March 13, 2006

Suped-Up Firebird

This started as a very low-res, grainy image of a yellow Firebird that I found on the 'net. I isolated the car and basically repainted over the entire image, adding the motor, from various bits and pieces, painting on top along the way. This was originally created as part of a t-shirt design, with other elements behind it, though I'm not sure if it ever went into production.


FrogDaddy said...

that's real sweet justin,
but it takes more than a coat o' paint ta make it at Thunder Road.
She's burnin' up the quarter mile!

Lou said...

tight looking ride man. i dig the photoshop techniques!

Justin Leigh Leiter said...

Glenn and Lou - Thanks, guys!

And I'll try harder next time, Frogdaddy!