Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Here's another exercise in putting a comic page together of unrelated images and characters. The third panel was a pain in the ass, the one you see here the result of eleven attempts. All the other panels were done with just the drawing you see, so I don't know what happened. Included here also, are the original pencils, where you can see the first panel I did that I wasn't happy with after it was inked. I did wind up with a melding of two of the rejects that I kinda like. Maybe I'll incorporate it in a future page.


My Pencil Box Zoo said...

"No, you seekwence from which I came before you!"

Seriously, I really like what's going between the 2nd and 3rd panels. Very kool.

Next time...some actual dialogue?

The Keeper's Notes said...


Yeh, I will definitely try and work in some 'English language' dialogue one of these days. There is actual dialogue going on here, it's just not in English.

jason quinones said...

a couple a great looking pages here justin!

although i do like the 2nd panel in the pencils, the 2nd and 3rd panels in the inked finals work together much better! they work well as both two separate panels or as one long one.

i don't mind it not being in english. leaves it open to interpretation and makes it that much more fun.

that first word balloon looks GREAT.

CamChes said...

That's great. Maybe you should try completely unrelated dialogue too.
Chris Ware did that in a 6 page story called "I Guess". The drawings were all done as a 1940s style Joe Shuster Superman story, (with references to Bill Finger and CC Beck), but the dialogue and captions were all first person narrative of him talking about his childhood memories of his Grandparents.
This would be great with Harlequin Romance style dialogue.
Or not.
Anyway, its cool to see your creature drawings on a comics page.

The Keeper's Notes said...

Jason, Cam - thanks! I would like to actually create some kind of story, but i don't think I have the patience to draw the same characters and environment for a few panels continuously! Not to mention drawing those same characters from different angles and making them look like the same character...that's the difficult part. I'd better work on my turnarounds, I think ...

CrEaTe-InK StuDios said...

great looking pages i like your style of art!

who cares about english dialogue.i like the alien dialogue it makes you think more!

FrogDaddy said...

Justin- do you have an actual code that translates
these characters? do certain ones represent vowels
and consonants or are they hieroglyphic type things?
Holy Shit!
I feel like I just walked into a geektactular conversation taking place in the manga aisle in
Jim Hanley's Universe....good times....good times....

The Keeper's Notes said...

Thanks Create-Ink! I do like the idea of people coming up with their own stories,but one of these days I'd like to get back to more traditional storytelling as well. 'one of these days...'

Frogdaddy - While there are certain 'characters/letters' that I seem to use more than once (or variations of a character) nothing here really translates into anything in the English language. ie I'm just drawing shapes!

In High School I came up with a hieroglyphic language - a really simple one, where it was just a character substituting for the letters in the alphabet. I was going to paint a mural (representing 'religion' (priests/clergy) vs. heavy metal rockers and their demon friend) on one of the school's walls and had this secret 'code' that I was gonna use, but alas, other than a drawing, it never came to fruition.

Everybody's gotta be in a Gang said...

Looks cool- I like the red colored pencil version the best- the looseness of it, the shading, and the second panel which got eliminated from the inked version.
English can be overrated; I like the idea of your made up language. Maybe you can make it into a workable language like Tolkien did.

Charles said...

Man, Justin-- that page looks pretty cool and i dig that you created such a nice visual language for your creatures too!! i like the interaction between the 2 & 3 panels especially. Good work, J. Hope to see more.


The Keeper's Notes said...

Thanks, Charles..! I've got another page I'm working on now that I hope to finish soon.