Wednesday, February 13, 2008

SeekWence 2

Another page in the non-continuing, non-saga tale of Monsters, Robots and Creatures in an alternate dimension of Space-Time.


jason quinones said...

you've been steppin' up your game man! really amazing comic pages from you lately with an amazing amount of detail in those panels. and the storytelling's really cool for a non linear story!! these done on 8 1/2 x 11 copy paper stolen from work?? that's my favorite drawing material!

The Keeper's Notes said..., thanks, man!! I did put a lot of work into this page -thanks for checking it out. But, God, yeh, just cleaning up those red pencils took some time!

I did this and the other comic page on Bristol paper, a bit larger than standard paper..maybe 10 X 12 or something (don't have the pages with me!). I do love the copy paper from work, though - I take a lot of that stuff home! Most of my drawings are done on that; Kooky Comics was done on it.
Thanks again, I'm excited to do more!

Everybody's gotta be in a Gang said...

I like it- it's far out, man.

The Keeper's Notes said...

Thanks, Dan.

Anonymous said...

Dear Justin-
You're fired.
(For stealing copy paper from the office.)
Your Boss

FrogDaddy said...

I'm with Jason on the tightly realized panels,
but you also have this way of breaking up the page
so it's not rectangle, rectangle, square...that's
really interesting...I may, in future "Seekwence" blogisodes, provide some Mystery Science Theater-
type commentary/translation of your alien dialogue.
nice work!

The Keeper's Notes said...

anonymous: that might actually be funny - if I had a boss! (I've got a job, but not a boss - it's a long story!)

Glenn - Hey, I'd love it if you wrote some of your witty repartee (sp??) for these guys ... by all means! Thanks for the comments!

Now I'll be thinking ahead of what to draw so Glenn can write something funny!