Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Return of Kooky Mini-Comics

The second Kooky Mini-Comic. The first one can be found by clicking


This has been sitting around since I did it sometime last year. Maybe it should have stayed sitting.


jason quinones said...

cool comic dude!

i like it!

and oh yeah...checked your youth art blog! christ almighty you must have a huge house to keep all this stuff in!!! comics,statues,dvds (i'm assuming) artwork, AND every single scrap of paper you've ever doodled on since you could hold a pencil!!!!

Anonymous said...

So basically you do these every January and then they fall off, huh? Jason, you have no idea how much shit this kid has!!! His house and basement aren't big enough, bro!!!
Justin, I like these mini comics, keep them going, dude! I know I'm the last person to tell someone else to draw but, hey, DRAW!!!! :)

The Keeper's Notes said...

Thanks guys! And, yes, Jason, you are correct - DVD's are part of the mix! But let's not forget the CD's (somewhere around 4000) or the VHS tapes!! (at least a 1000)...oh and the rare/live audio tapes...(yeh, another few thousand)....I'm runnin' outta room....

Would ya believe, though, I think I've got a few old sketchbooks still at the folks house!

Hey, Jess - actually I did this comic a few months back - I think during the summer, not sure. I just had it sitting around until I decided to post it now!!

OK...now that I've got a little time off (haha) I might just do another one!!!