Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sketchbook Stuff

Here we have some sketches of:

Edward G. Robinson in ...?
Rondo Hatton in 'House of Horrors'
Lon Chaney in 'London After Midnight'
and Gojira.


Neill said...

I am trying to verify whether the comic figure in your Youtube post at www.youtube.com/watch?v=WC0LKjexLiw is you or Jimmy Smits. I looked for this after I spoke with your father for something I'm writing. If this isn't Jimmy, have you posted something of his performance, too? Please respond to nsrnsr@aol.com ASAP. Thanks.
-- Neill Rosenfeld

My Pencil Box Zoo said...

Very kool. As nicely done as the faces are, I think I'm diggin' the Gojira drawing the most. Would really like to see it inked.

The Keeper's Notes said...

Thanks! Here's an inked version of the big gray/green/etc guy.

jason quinones said...

you did capture something quite striking and powerful in that slightly silohetted figure of that big ass monster.

(literally...gojira's got a big ass.)

Greg said...

Hmmm.... which image will Greg have strong feelings about?

I'll let you guess, sir...


The Keeper's Notes said...

Jason - Thanks, man. Yeh, I guess he does have a big butt...or tail.

Greg - Hmmm...let me guess...it's gotta be Edward G. Robinson, right??? Right????? hahah. lol, of course
it's the big guy - seems to be everyone's fave! Thanks!

MAY-DAY said...

nice i like all the faces and aliens. but not so sure about the Godzilla silhouette. surprised you picked this pic cant really see his face or any of his monsterness, would have loved to see a Godzilla
full frontal blowing fire on some poor mutated monster. or burning down Tokyo for the 100th time.

The Keeper's Notes said...

Thanks Carlos. As for Godzilla, I wanted to go with a different take on him. I saw a photo in an old horror movies book and thought it was cool how it just suggested Godzilla by keeping him mainly in shadow.