Sunday, November 29, 2009

Facebook Fridayz - 5 - aka Kooky-Mini-Comics #3

I had started penciling this a few weeks ago, but only got as far as the third panel. The theme for this weeks Facebook Fridayz was anything whimsical, so I had the impetus to complete it. I figured this would qualify....sorta.

You can see the previous episodes here:

Kooky-Mini-Comics #1

Kooky-Mini-Comics #2


jason quinones said...

the most detailed of the three so far. looks great!

The Keeper's Notes said...

Thanks, Jason! I was wondering if the heavier hand in the inking was too much of a divergence from the first two episodes. I kinda liked that more open, cleaner feel to those and maybe this would have been better if it stayed consistent with those.

Part of that is that the first two were drawn and inked at work (haha) while this one was done at home, with more time...and with a just go for it attitude on the details.

Ahh, it's all just for fun, anyways...wherever the pen shall take me!

jason quinones said...

nothing against the first two but i prefer the detailed version.

maybe because the character and bkg's were just so simple, in this and the previous 2, the added texture detail gives the strip something extra.

i don't think it breaks the continuity THAT much.

it's not that drastic like kyle baker's SPECIAL FORCES. love his work and that series was cool but by issue 4 the art was so extremely different it took me out of the story's continuity/world so completely it almost ruined it for me. the artwork from issue 3 to 4 is practically night and day.

it's almost as if he got bored with the artstyle/book and just scrapped it just so he could finish it!

The Keeper's Notes said...

Considering there wasn't much continuity in the first two episodes, doesn't really matter much, lol. But future episodes will be in the more detailed style.

Didn't realize that about Special Forces. I only picked up the first issue..I'll have to take a look at some back issues at Midtown and see. btw, missed you today at Hanley's! Carlos told me afterward that he'd run into you!