Friday, December 18, 2009

William : Keeper Of The Cosmic All

Announcing yet another new blog!! If there weren't already enough blogs to bog down your day, well, here's one more for ya! This one is dedicated to the comic I drew for my College newspaper, 'William : Keeper of the Cosmic All.' None of this art has yet made it onto any of my other blogs. Hopefully you'll find some amusement in the old drawings. You should certainly see a progression in my drawing ability, as the first episode, in particular, is pretty crudely drawn. Doing the strip each week for the paper definitely improved my drawing ability much more than any of the actual drawing classes I took while at school (with the exception of my anatomy class!).

you can find the blog here:

The Cosmic All


MAY-DAY said...

wow these have a real graffiti naivety that looks really dope. i think you missed your calling kid you have a natural hand for graffiti

The Keeper's Notes said...

Thanks, May-Day! Yeh, well, that hand is still there, shows up from time to time.