Saturday, February 27, 2010

New York Comic Book Marketplace-2-27-10

I'm exhausted, and it was a long day, but a fun one at the NYCBM. It's been many years since I've done any comic conventions, only tagging along as support for my old friend Mitch Waxman, back in the early 90's when we worked on Plasma Baby. This time, I was promoting myself, so there was a bit of anxiety going into the show. After a sleepless night, and days of preparing, and stressing, the show came and went. Unfortunately, there wasn't the greatest turnout, with the weather a factor, and the general lack of advertisement for the show itself. I was a bit disapointed that my book didn't sell better...well, aside from the three or four copies some friends graciously purchased from me, only one person I didn't know picked one up. Still, I did get some people flipping through it, and my book of originals and prints, and a decent number picked up my business card, which I put together last night, after my postcards didn't arrive due to the storm.

I did have someone buy a print of my Darth Vader piece from last Summer and he also asked about buying two pieces of original Vader art I had. I wasn't sure what to price them at, so decided to hold onto hindsight, maybe I shoulda sold 'em. Later in the day, a woman came by and asked for a Batman head sketch in her sketchbook. I also did a sketchcard of Batman for my friend Bill's son, Will, as well as a drawing of a ragman?? cartoonish monster character Will described to me. During the show, I also inked some sketchcards and did a Marvel sketch cover for my buddy Brad of Ghost Rider. Two of the other pics here, the guy who looks like he's playing an imaginary guitar, and the Acroyearish dude, were pencilled back in 2007, but only inked this past week, and at the show ('The Plucker').

My co-horts at the show, Dan Springer, did a few live caricatures, a drawing of a cupid for our friend Louis' daughter, Mason, and sold a few giclee prints. Carlos Vega, with his humourous 'Become A Zombie!' sign, did pretty well, pretty much booked the whole day, drawing people as zombies. They'd come up to the table, he'd get a rough sketch of their likeness, then they leave, and while gone, he'd 'zombiefy' them, rotting their flesh, exposing their brains and generally making them look pretty putrid.

It was rewarding day, all in all, and we hope to do it again sometime soon.

Lastly, in this, likely my wordiest post to date, I'll have some info soon on how you can order a copy of my 'Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Monsters' sketchbook.


My Pencil Box Zoo said...

The Ghost Rider sketch cover is very Kool! I dig the "eyes" in particular.

The Keeper's Notes said...


jason quinones said...

your sketch cards in the previous post look awesome! that ghost rider marvel comics cover looks cool too. you seem to do a pretty mean ghost rider as i think i've seen you do him and this " popped collar" 3/4 pose before!

real sorry i couldn't make the show dude! i actually just got caught up with some of my own artwork in the early morning and some long overdue housework during the rest of the day. my wife kim actually reminded me about it as she wanted to go as well but by the time we got finished it was kinda late and we were pretty pooped.

sounds like you had a decent first run! too bad the weather sucked.

keep me updated as to any other shows you're getting into. maybe i can even join you at the table! that is if i ever get my shit together!

The Keeper's Notes said...

Thanks, Jason! Hey, no worries, man, I appreciate you even thinking of coming down, lol! Maybe next time. And, yeh, that would be cool if you set up at a future con! Start thinking about putting your sketchbook together!