Thursday, October 07, 2010

New York Comic Con

I'll be sharing a table with my good friend, caricaturist Dan Springer, at this years New York Comic Con at the Jacob Javits Center, this weekend, October 8-10.  We'll be at table N-14, in Artist Alley.

I'll have prints, buttons, stickers and copies of my new book 'The Graphic Art of Justin Leiter,' for sale...I'll also have freshly printed copies of my last sketchbook, 'The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Monsters,'...I've just got a few copies left of the first, limited run. And I'll take commission requests, including sketches inside the books!  Come by and say 'hi'.

Here's the cover to the new book.


jason quinones said...

cover looks great man! if i went i definitely woulda bought one! i/m trying now to compile a book of my own so maybe by next nycc i can share a table with you! i thought nycc was in november. i also wanted to finish up one last comic story for inclusion to this book.

anyway, hope you and dan sell lots of books and have.

fyi, went to a downtown gallery last night called the ANIMAZING GALLERY @ 54 GREENE ST. awesome marvel comics original pages,paintings and prints for show and sale. saw stan lee! go downstairs and see ORIGINAL NEAL ADAMS ART FOR SALE. snuck in a few pics. after i load them up i'll email you or maybe i'll just load em upon flickr. neal adams is getting a solo show at the same gallery in about 2 weeks so maybe we can meet up there if you wanna go.

The Keeper's Notes said...

Hey Jason - Thanks! Cool to hear you're doing your own book...that would be cool if you set up next year.

I'd have to say, though, that a full table is recommended. Dan and I split a full table, and 1/2 really wasn't too much room. Luckily, the guy next to us on our left, never showed up, so Dan and I (and the guy on our right) all moved over a bit and used his table - so I wound up getting like 3/4 of a table.

Carlos did the best of all of us - he sold out almost all of his two books.

Thanks for the info on the Animazing Gallery - I've been in there a couple of times, a few years back.

Saw Neal at the NYCC - he's always at the Big Apple Cons' too. I prefer his earlier work...not as crazy about the new stuff, but I am picking up the new Batman book.

I'm working out in Clifton, NJ these days, so rarely get into the city!

MAY-DAY said...

hey i have a book you but it needs a drawing in it.

The Keeper's Notes said...

Next time I see you, I'll sketch that sucka up for you!