Monday, July 25, 2011

The 'Lil Loose Limbed Krew™

Some recent sketches.


jason quinones said...

i guess these are mostly the cute monsters friends huh!

watched some of your art videos and was VERY IMPRESSED. left some comments below as well.

i know i've been avoiding the ol' blogs lately but will try and keep up with you here more often. haven't been doing much on my blog end either if that's any consolation to you.

i get enough of the garanimals where i work so i guess that kept me away! ha ha! nice to see the monsters back and the new way you're presenting them.

keep 'em coming!

The Keeper's Notes said...

Hey Jason! Thanks for the comments, and the good words..! I truly appreciate it.

I've been checking back to your blog every few days and was surprised to have not seen a more recent update! Lookin' forward to your next one!

jason quinones said...

i kind of explained the reasoning for not posting more often in a recent deviant art blog post. another reason is that it's just too damn hot to sit in front of the computer in my home work area!

i've managed to do some of my own stuff at work in between work/printer jobs/office downtime but haven't posted those for a number of other reasons.

those reasons being indifference, lack of interest toward the internet/blogosphere which seemed very "community" driven to me at first but now it just seems much more isolated...

or "they" all just moved to tumblr, and i haven't the will to start up another blog in hopes of gaining acceptance into yet another "community"...

The Keeper's Notes said...

I haven't been to your Deviant site in awhile..just took a quick stop over and see stuff that I haven't seen on the blog...I will definitely check it out further when I get back from work tonight.

I understand where you're coming from...I was also (still am) thinking of swtiching over to Tumblr...but it just seems like a lot of effort at the moment. And what would I do about all the art already on here? Move it over?? Start fresh??

btw, did I mention that I wasn't accepted to Artist Alley this year at NYCC? I wasn't sure if I was going to do it anyway, but figured let me try...but 'due to the overwhelming response' they didn't have a spot for me. Oh well. I think I'll have a better time being able to actually see the show this year.

jason quinones said...

that's a shame dude. maybe try out for of the smaller cons.

i went to king con out in brooklyn a couple of years ago. it's small but pretty nice. just one big room packed with small press and self publishers/artists. upstairs there was a sketch jam going on with live models dressed up in cosplay/burlesque gear. i know we've gone to the MOCCA con in midtown. if i ever get my act together and do a book i'll probably start there to shill out my stuff.

this summer i actually started compiling art and trying to format/design it into a book format. i got up to well over 30 pages and that's not even including the p.s. 666 pages and some pin up pages and comics i want to include so some editing will probably be needed.

i just attacked the project with the thinking "what would i do with an unlimited page count and money was not an issue?" but obviously that can't happen.

i thought about online book printing thru one of those websites but my t-shirts thru cafe press don't sell at all so that idea kinda makes me wary to try that venture.

so that's all i'm doing artwise...

The Keeper's Notes said...

I was thinking of Mocca next year. I think my stuff is more inline with that kind of crowd anyway.

Glad to hear you started putting a book can definitely get expensive, though. Keep the size smaller and it's a lot cheaper.