Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Speed Inking a Futuristic Vampire

The theme for this sketch came from a list of ideas that's part of a communal sketchbook art project at my job.

Coordinated by one of our art directors, he had about twelve of us at work sign on board to each fill up a 40 page Moleskin sketchbook...there's no set formula and you can draw whatever you like, but as inspiration he came up with a list of 44 different ideas and pasted that list on the inside of the sketchbooks, which he handed out to each of us. I liked the concepts and ideas and knew it would push me to draw things I normally might not.  This page just said 'Futuristic Vampire.' I've done five so far, including this guy, as well as 'Robot Vs Monster,' 'Goth Fairy,' 'Currency,' 'Good 'Ol Barbarian chick or guy,' and 'What's Under My Bed?'  I'll post some of the drawings I do on this blog as I do them, but for the majority, I'll wait until the entire sketchbook is filled up before posting anything.

Here's a video for this one; I hadn't thought of filming the pencils, so it's just the inks.

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