Thursday, December 29, 2011

Some Random Sketchcards


jason quinones said...

that's a cute doctor doom!

diggin some of these cute monsters ya got going here. keep pen to paper and kepp on drawing!


The Keeper's Notes said...

Thanks, Jason! Still going here...but I was a bit disappointed to see you had removed all your posts from your blog and Deviant site...! Hopefully you've got something cooking...

jason quinones said...

yes i'm trying to get something cooking....

if all goes smoothly you'll be one of the first guys i'll tell and talk to for advice. (that is of course if you would be so kind as to give me some advice!)

as of right now i'm still working on my little project and trying not to jinx nothing so i'm keeping the details to myself for now.

plus, i just got tired of giving my art away for free. nobody really visited the sight anymore (no offense to you buddy!) and the one in a a million shot of being "discovered" on the internet was dead and gone for me. the one opportunity that arose was that anthology comic via artjumble which went nowhere.

so i posted my anthology contribution online, my P.S. 666 story, and i know this is a stretch and a long shot, but i feel like my P.S. 666 idea was being compromised. i do realize that the "school for monsters" idea is not that original an idea but i've seen a few too many comic similarities out there since i posted mine.

deviant art was the same thing. people would "favorite" a lot of my big girl pin-up art (without so much as a quick comment or a thank you!) not because they liked or appreciated my work but because it was simply another pin-up piece to mindlessly collect and add to their fetish-ized favorites folder.

perhaps my art will show up online again someday on a site of my own or on facebook or something or maybe right back here but just not right now.

and it's not like i'm not drawing at all anymore! in fact it's the opposite! i'm happy to draw more for my own leisure...

but possibly maybe for a little profit as well.

The Keeper's Notes said...

Well, I'm glad you're still drawing! I don't think too many people frequent this blog either, or at least they're not commenting!

Have you thought about putting some of your art on youtube? You'll definitely get more people to see it there....whether it be you creating a piece (like the ones I've filmed) or just you showing your work portfolio style.

Honestly, I don't care anymore if people are seeing the art or not...I mean, of course I hope they do, but there's nothing I can do about it, so I just keep putting it up and hopefully someone will get some enjoyment out of it.

I know you're not on Facebook, but you'd get more people checking your stuff out that way, too.

I can't vouch for anyone ripping off your P.S. 666 story, but I wouldn't doubt it. Very possible.

As for DeviantArt, that's something I don't understand..I get the same thing...and what's weird is that literally seconds after I post something new it gets favorites - 99% of the time by someone who's gallery is filled with bad manga and anime drawings. its' very strange because my art usually doesn't fit in at all with the other stuff in their favorites...and aside from those initial favorites after I post something, they only get sporadically favorited afterwards.

I don't even know how they're seeing my stuff so fast? Are they searching for something that has the exact words I've used in the title of the piece I've posted? Or are they doing a search for 'just posted' art..? IDK....

Anyways, like I said I'm glad you're still drawing, at least for yourself and look forward to anything you might want to share down the line..and as for advice, well, I'd be honored you'd even ask! Not sure if anything I say would be worthwhile, lol, but I'll do my best!

jason quinones said...



nano-seconds after i post a "big girl" piece it gets "favorited" too!!

i assumed it was some kind of automatic search engine swiping ANY art tagged or labeled with key phrases.

and if that was the case then how much of a favorite is the piece really to the person swiping it????

AND when i too checked their art galleries.....THEIR COLLECTION WAS FULL OF GARBAGE!!!!!!

not to be overly critical of other people's artistic efforts or to make myself sound artistically superior...

but honestly....

my art was BY FAR the best of their shitty gallery collection!

and i wasn't sure if that made me look really good or totally awful to be lumped in with such a crowd!

i'll try and visit the blog more often to check out the art and chat.

The Keeper's Notes said...

lol...exactly the way I feel, too!'s like 'thanks for favoring my art, but um...everything else in your gallery is horrible..maybe I don't want to be in your favorites!'

Very strange.

btw, thanks for the comments and the back and least I've got a blog post with some comments! haha.

Thanks for checking in too...I've got other art to post, but sometimes I just post a photo of it 'in progress' on FB...then never get around to putting it up all proper like...sometimes, the art looks better when viewed on an angle with a pen or pencil placed strategically next to it! lol

I think you'd dig the latest thing I was working's got some graffiitti influence...and it's got a chick!

I started inking it last night..we'll see if I'm brave enough to post it once it's done...