Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Unproduced Bar and Picnic Sticker Sets

Here are two of the many unproduced sticker sets I've developed at my job over the last year and a half.

These are vector drawings done in Adobe Illustrator.


jason quinones said...

hey man. that graffiti inspired drawing from 1/24/12 is pretty cool. like the mash up layout of all the elements and the chick you drew is cute.

these stickers look great and i could see kids and even adults utilizing the picnic stickers but i don't see adults or even drunk teens utilizing bar and beer stickers. maybe for bar ad flyers? but even then...stickers for bar ad flyers!

doesn't mean they don't look bad ass though! that neon bar sign is cool with the perspective and bright colors.

and in case you give a crap, i mentioned awhile back that i was working on a project in lieu of my now defunct blog. well, as you might've guessed that project was a comic book.

i took down all the art on my blog and designed a nice comic book layout for it. i found an online comic book printing place out of florida with decent prices. i laid out the book according to their size and color specs and sent them my art files. they printed it up and i paid for 1 "dummy" copy for me to approve before i ordered a bunch. they printed it. they "mailed it" to my home. now here's where it all gets fucked....(and this is the very very abridged version!)

somehow (but of course) my comic got lost.

according to the post office, my mail carrier fucked up. my book was then sent "return to sender"(meaning back to florida). the place in florida said they received that book back and would remail me that same exact book. i requested they send it to my office figuring everybody knows where the empire state building is so it would be impossible to lose again. but....

it got lost again!

the a-holes at the post office claimed they delivered it. the a-hole in my office mail room claimed he never got it and the a-holes in florida were now claiming that they printed my book and successfully attempted to mail me my 1 book 3 times so it was now my problem to resolve.

i made a request for them to reprint me another book at their cost (since i had already paid for one) and i would pay for its shipping via fed ex. i stressed in my email that if the book looked good i would definitely order more copies in bulk. but at that point they failed to respond to my emails.

so that's that for now.

it seemed like a reputable site so maybe it was just my bad luck. it seems like this site has plenty of customers so i'm not thinking they'll use my art and print copies of my book behind my back cuz that would look shitty on them, resulting in possible loss of both old and new clients for them.

at least that's what i keep telling myself to stay sane. plus, i have too much other bullshit to deal with in this life without having to worry about some dick-ish comic book web site!

i guess the good news is, if there is any to be gleaned from this, is that i didn't lose any real money paying for one copy of my book (it was just 7 bucks!) because i could've lost a lot of money ordering a lot of books which could've gotten "lost" in the mail. and i found out before it was too late the kind of people i was dealing with: all eager to help at first but then switching the script at the last minute to basically "it's your problem, you deal with it!"

so if you're in the market for an online comic book printing place I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND KA-BLAM.COM!

so...i'm back to square one on the self publishing comic book front. i found another printing place. it's local and in my neighborhood actually and they do print comic books at sort of around the same price but just a bit more expensive.

the thing is i have to go back to my original files and covert all my pages again to this places color specs so that'll take time that i just don't have at the moment at home.

and that's it.


The Keeper's Notes said...

Hey Jason! Wow, I think you win for the longest post since this blogs inception!

First off, thanks for the comments on the art, as always. As for the bar stickers...yeah, I don't know...I just do what was asked, lol...there was even another one, that was just bottles of beer in a repeat sort of layout. But alas, not to be.

Secondly..I'm very happy to hear that you actually put your stuff together into a comic! That's awesome! But....what happened afterwards...that sucks! That's crazy that it was mailed that many times and it never got to you!

As for Ka-Blam, I've actually used them and had no troubles. I printed up a couple of poster images back in 2010 for the NYCC. I didn't have any issues and was happy with the price and final print job, so I can only think that for whatever reason, your dummy copy did get lost in the mail.

Very strange...I've been lucky..in 25 years or so of ordering stuff and sending stuff (I used to trade tapes and cds...hundreds of packages over the years) I've never had anything lost...one time I got a package that was opened, but everything was in there.

Thankfully, you only paid for the dummy copy. Since you put in all that work already, I'd just go and pay another $7 and see if they can make you another one. I know it sucks and it's the principal of the matter, but rather than having to redo all the color like you mentioned, it might be easier. Or you could find a local place to do the job. I had my last art book printed at a place right up the road from me and they did a very good job. (although the first run they did on a different printer than what I had seen on the proof and wasn't happy with the final result...so they wound up reprinting the entire thing at no extra cost...somehow or other it all worked out, with literally zero days to go before NYCC in 2010....adding to that there was power outrage in the area around that time and we lost some time because of that....)but anyway, I digress...

as for Ka-Blam's comics, I've seen a few, and I wasn't that thrilled by the quality of the paper they used for the covers....maybe the one I saw chose a thinner cover stock, but it just felt a bit flimsy. I prefer a thicker cover stock.

So....yeah, I guess just go with the local place when you can get around to fixing the color specs.

I'm excited to get a copy! I guess it's made up of the PS 666 and all your other comics? Anything new and unseen on the blog?

Otherwise, for me, all is good...it's been kind of crazy at my job...as lots of people's are!

jason quinones said...

yeah man. it's definitely a principal thing.

i did think about just paying for and ordering another dummy copy but the possibility of more wasted time with a delivery that might not happen was out of the question for me.

and then i thought there was the possibility that i'd order a couple hundred dollars worth of stuff and that would be the order they'd lose. so the cons outweighed the pros by a longshot.

i'm glad you had a good experience with ka-blam. that makes me feel like they are more of a legit place and are at least less likely to print my book without my say so.

at the end of the day it really was just my bad fucking luck.

i swear man...when it comes to my art career i've had more bad luck, missed opportunities and good deals gone sour than i care to think about.

i was hoping to have a book done by now for at least a few small cons that have passed already or a few coming up that now i just might not be ready for in time.

and apologies for the long winded post. i miss blog writing and with an out of a commission blog and deviant art page you just happened to be in my line of keypad firing.

The Keeper's Notes said...

no apologies necessary, dude! Rant all you want...! Hey, at least it gets this blog some posts. lol.

Hopefully you can get the book reprinted by that local place and take it to some cons. There's always a convention of some kind, so no problems if a few have already passed.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing it!