Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hasbrouck Heights, NJ Comic Expo - 3/24/13

Here are some pics of my table set up at the Hasbrouck Heights Comic Expo, which was held at the Holiday Inn on Rt. 17 South.  I sold a bunch of Star Wars mini paintings and prints, some original art and a bunch of buttons, stickers and postcards. 

It was fun to have little kids come by and recognize some of the Star Wars characters and exclaim 'Daarff Vader!!'  It was also neat to see people reacting with smiles to the cute characters or others they recognized, like the Mars Attacks and Rat Fink prints I had for sale. 

It was a lot of fun and I met some cool people and artists, including magnet sculptor and artist Nick Jodice who after picking up two mini prints gifted me the very awesome magnet you see pictured below! That was very nice of him and totally unexpected. I offered something of mine in return, but he wouldn't hear of it. A great guy - and a cool (and strong!) magnet, entirely handmade, using no molds. Check him out on instagram @breakthemoldnj! I look forward to doing more of these shows in the future.

My view from the table. 


A couple of the sketches I did in my sketchbook during the day to pass the time when people weren't stopping by the table.

This is a Goon drawing I did last year that I sold to a big Goon fan.

The very cool magnet Nick Jodice gave to me at the show. Thanks, Nick!

Artist David G. Hardy posing with a copy of my art book he picked up from me, along with the quick sketch inside I did for him.  We also did a sketchcard trade. He specializes in very cool portraits of classic horror movie actors and monsters and I picked up a sweet London After Midnight sketchcard from him. 


Johnny Supersonic said...

KOOL! Looks like you had a great set-up.

The Keeper's Notes said...


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun, Justino!! Nice setup, dude! Wish I could've gone but had a family gathering. Keep up the good work, Justino!! Your stuff kicks ass!!!

The Keeper's Notes said...

Thanks, Jesse!! No worries, understood! More stuff on the way!