Friday, June 21, 2013

Sketches and Doodles

A few things from the past week. I've slowed down a bit on my sketching the last couple of weeks...a combination of freelance work keeping me otherwise occupied and a lapse in desire for some reason or other. It seems that I have bursts of creative energy and then feel drained afterwards...along with the usual feelings of disdain for one's own work that many artists feel. It's like a rollercoaster sometimes and maybe it's a good thing to get away from it for a little while.

Still, I usually feel crappy when I'm not drawing or producing something of my own (rather than just doing work for pay, which is more often than not (just about always) not the sort of stuff I'd be drawing for fun).

A lot of people wait for inspiration to hit them, but it never works that way...the only way to get something worthwhile is to draw when you don't want to (you hear that, Justin?!)

There's usually crap produced and a sometimes a broken pen or pencil, or shredded paper is the result...sometimes something 1/2 way ok comes out...these drawings, like many, sat around for a few days before I even could look at them or entertained any thoughts of sharing them, but I gathered a few together, took a pic and deemed them all right enough to post to the world. (or whoever is reading this, checking my Instagram feed, or friends with me on Facebook).

 They are what they are, just doodles, me fighting thru ennui and trying to get the pencil to find form.

Take of them what you will.

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