Monday, September 30, 2013

Inktober 2013 Post-It Note Doodles

Inktober 2013 begins tomorrow, the first day of October..started by Jake Parker, artist of Missle Mouse and many more super cool characters, it's basically people doing a drawing a day, or every other day, or whenever they can during the month of October, the one caveat being that it's drawn in ink.

There can be a pencil underdrawing or additions, but the main drawing should be in ink. I had thought initially that the drawing was to be done in ink all the way, with no pencil underdrawing, which I think for more involved pieces would have been more of a challenge..but I'll probably go the pencil skecthc first route. The doodles I do are straight ink, using (at least for the last bunch) a Sharpie felt tip marker.

I've accepted the challenge of a drawing a day;  how that will pan out, we'll see (especially with NYCC coming up soon).

For now, here are these...!

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