Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sketchbook Selections...c.1990/1991

This blog has gone unattended for far too long...I'll start getting back to some more regular posting of new stuff in the coming days...in the mean time, here are some pieces from the past.


FrogDaddy said...

justino! welcome back!
how's married life treatin ya?
(you've prolly heard that a few times already!)
man these early drawings seem real Cheech &
Chong-ey! I get the munchies just lookin at 'em!
a nice glut of surrealism, fer shure!
you had mad inking patience back then it seems!

Justin Leigh Leiter said...

Mr. Froggy! Dig the new avatar. Married life..isn't much different than living together for 10 years life!! It's goin' well.

Yeh, as the drawin' says 'i'm a stoney individual'...or was...(uh, yeh, that's it)...I think most of this stuff was done with the 'ol rapidograph...and a few in ball point pen. More soon!

Jesse said...

Wow, Rapidograph huh? Boy, those were the days...Justinoooooo!!!!!!
Mr. Married man!!
How's married life treatin' ya?
(Startin' to get pissed at that question yet? No? You sure will, bud..hehe)
Great dump of drawings man, I really dig them...it's good to see you've always been warped and it's not just a new thing.
Welcome back, dude.


Justin Leigh Leiter said...

Jess -

Married life..is married life! I dig it! (he says, 2 weeks into married life)...yeh, i've always been a bit off-center, I guess you could say! Glad you like this old crap!

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