Saturday, June 03, 2006

Recent work stuff

Some notes...the cracked helmet Little League design was rejected....too violent, plus the wood bats had to be replaced with alluminum bats. Upon looking at this design again, I've gotta wonder...'what the Hell was I thinking???" sheesh! The flaming baseball had the comment that it looked Satanic, but was still allowed to go thru. Trick'd Out (final design was repeat) and the turntable DJ (Mix It Up) are designs done for a Walmart urban line, though I don't believe either were picked up.


Jesse said...

Hey Justino, these are great!
I love the dj guy and the whole design the tricked car and the baseball designs. Really great stuff you're doing at work, dude. Keep posting all this great artwork!


Justin Leigh Leiter said...


Thanks man...I'm always apprehensive when I put new stuff up, so I appreciate the positive comments! Gonna try and get some new art of my own (ie non-work related) up soon!

Anonymous said...

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FrogDaddy said...

hey justin are you sure that aint the Howard Beach league? ribbit!
love the lil' dj guy! whoda thunk you had so much funk?

Justin Leigh Leiter said...

Glenn: Ha! You know I knew John Lester...aka Johnny Rotten - The Face Of Evil!!!

Yeh..I got the funk AND the crunk goin' ahhnnn!

Anonymous said...

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