Friday, June 23, 2006

Kung Fu Theater!

Some more work related art...I've been able to do some fun stuff the last few weeks, working on a new Walmart Urban line and then the next batch of Family Dollar designs, which gives me a fair share of freedom to do what I want. The only major limitation is in the number of colors we're able to use - we're limited to six. You have to get a bit creative in how to go about using those six. If this design were colored in any sort of realistic manner, and you wanted to add a bit of shading, you'd quickly run out of colors, so my art director suggested I do it in hues of monochromatic color. This is a slight reworking of a graphic meant to invoke the feel of an old Kung Fu movie poster, but with a bit of an updated feel. The larger Chinese characters for the title translate to '3 Warriors', my imaginary title for this movie...the smaller characters above the warriors heads says 'Fighting Action!'..that line was taken directly from an old 70's Hong Kong movie poster.


Dan Springer said...

Pretty cool- where did you get the reference for the characters?

Justin Leigh Leiter said...

Thanks, Dan. For the main dude in the foreground, I used an image I found on Getty Images...I added the afro. The 'old master' guy on the left I found from an old Kung Fu movie DVD and added the beard. The sword guy I found on a Kung Fu website. I brought the pics into Photoshop, turned them to grayscale and posterized them. Then I placed those altered images in Illustrator and traced ontop of the images with the pencil tool, creating the shapes later to be filled with the diff. shades of blue.

For the 3-D Chinese lettering, I got help from a Chinese designer at work who wrote out the characters I needed in simple block lettering on a post it note, which I scanned in, placed in Illustrator and created 2-D 'outline' lettering on top of. Then I used the 3-D tools in Illustrator to turn that into the perspective style lettering on the finished art.

FrogDaddy said...

It's funny- I thought the chinese characters
read: "People Hate as the Love...Unreasonably"
and the smaller type read-
"You kill my brudder!"
Very crafty Justin!

Justin Leigh Leiter said...

You figured me out, Frogdaddy! Can't put one past ya, can I??!